Bungalows and mobile home

Bungalows and mobile home, rustic or apartment?

Camping Vall de Ribes we have various types of rooms Bungalous i Mòbil Home. Each of these two models of dwellings provides a different mood and warmth, depends on how you are and the type of experience you would like to live recommend one or the other.

El bungalow Puigmal a lot more and enjoy better views. It also has direct access to the vehicle and has a covered terrace. only bungalow Taga pet.

The bungalows are spread over two floors, the attic access it via a wooden staircase and is recommended for smaller and smaller after six years, if your children are under the age recommended is better that you choose a mobile home because the apartment is distributed in a single height.

Els mòbil home facilities are more sophisticated mood, an atmosphere that facilitates appearance younger and easier. Convenient and practical, if you are someone who prefer a more elegant and spacious, is without doubt the best adapted to your needs and inclinations. Some mòbil home accept pets.