There are times of entry and exit?

Yes, time guaranteed to make check-in or entrance is at 16h and departure time is before 11am. For more information consult our Terms & Conditions.


You can leave later?

Yes, if availability permits and paying a fee of € 10 in total, you can go to 17h, reception whenever otherwise indicated.


Does the campsite reception hours?

Yes, the summer season and extra high or from 9 to 14pm and from 16pm to 20pm. The schedule the rest of the year from 9 to 13h and from 16 to 18h. The phone is operating any 24h emergency. Whatsapp not to respond in real time.


What is the return policy beforehand?

You can view our Terms & Conditions.


Are there any rules that the client must follow?

Yes, there are standards for customers. The standards are delivered at the entrance and the customer has the right and duty to know them and respect them. Failure to respect the rules of the campsite, we reserve the right to charge a penalty of up to € 50.


What size are the beds?

The double and single 1,35cm 90cm The sofa is also a double (room for two people.)


There are blankets?

Yes, there are blankets, pillows and pillowcases clean.


Can I bring my pet?

A maximum of one pet can be accommodated in pet-friendly homes (€ 9 per night). For reasons of civility, safety and hygiene, dogs must be tied around the enclosure.


What is the equipment of accommodation?

The equipment is properly explained each page of the chosen accommodation to rent: Bungalou taga, Bungalow Puigmal the mobile Home.


There are barbecues?

Yes, within the grounds of the camping areas have two barbecues Community free for customers. The coal has to take the client.

For security reasons, barbecues are not allowed at night.

In winter until 5 pm and in summer until 9 pm.


When is the deposit returned?

The deposit is returned within a maximum period of 7 days.